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Hello! I'm back.....

So I have realized that if there was an app that would let me post to this blog on the go I would post a lot more! Seems like I am always on the go lol

I am missing the spring weather and antiquing so I've been trying to find some good winter spots to explore. I visited the First Annual Oddities Flea Market in Brooklyn this past weekend and found the tiniest mouse skull and bones as well as an amazing tin head baby. Not my usual composition baby but this one definitely pulled at my heart and lucky for me was a reasonable price.

I expect to have more photos to share in the near future. How could I almost forget! Mark your calendars for my next show in October at An Beal Bocht Cafe in Riverdale, NY. I am planning on it consisting of the creepy babies and some equally creepy images fitting for the month. Keep an eye out for more information on my Facebook page and Instagram!

Speak with you all again soon! :)


Below are a sampling of new images.

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