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Could it be?! It's almost October?

My favorite month of the year is almost here! I love October, really I love Autumn in general but October is especially lovely. Of course there is Halloween, spookiness galore and candy corn! Also, as Victoria pointed out today, there are also orange cupcakes! A special treat we only find a few times a year are Entenmanns holiday cupcakes and the halloween ones have candy corn on top. ;) Soon it will be sweater weather, camp fires on the weekends and the joy of a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning. But also will be more fairs and festivals! I am looking forward to sharing some new sign ups with you in my next posting, can't share just yet. I can tell you I plan to be found on the weekends up and down the Hudson Valley.

I am also working on some new processes! I am now expanding the photo transfer process to include metal, glass and stone. Along with that I am exploring some different mounting techniques but the hand stamped metal name plates are not changing. I love making them and coming up the name for each piece. Here are some images of the 2 small metal pieces I did yesterday. It's funny how certain things make you ridiculously happy! Thank goodness I have you all to share it with :) As always I am keeping it a bit on the not quite perfect side and keeping the rustic feel.

Also, those are tiny, maybe 2x3 inches. I am working on cutting bigger sheets of metal to do some at 8x10 inches soon. Exciting!

Please feel free to share with your friends, they can sign up for the blog on any page on my website at the bottom. Also make sure to favorite the items you like best so when you are ready to shop you can find them again ;) I also am active on Instagram and Pinterest so make sure to give follows there as well! (My handle for both is @kvtphotographynyc

Hopefully this cooler weather sticks around for awhile before the biting winter winds arrive. I am looking forward to seeing you all on November 18th at the Riverdale Temple Holiday Market and dont forget I will have all of the markets/fairs/festivals listed on the website!

Take care :)


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