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Craft and Art Fairs this Fall/Winter.

Well, I was at the Fishkill Fine Art and Crafts Fair this past Sunday. It was a very chilly but dry day. Not too bad all in all. This weekend is Yonkers Riverfest on Saturday in Downtown Yonkers and the Johnson Avenue Street Fair on Sunday in Riverdale. You can find more informaiton here: ​​

I have been working hard on revamping the look of my booth/tables for when I go to Art and Craft Fairs. As you may have already figured out I prefer more of a rustic look to things. I also prefer to try and make the displays I will need.

My latst creation has been the portable checkout stand. There is one drawback to it at the moment and that is the weight. My intention was to nly use materials I already had on hand in the studio. Unfortunately there was only thicker, heavier pieces of wood. So, hopefully I can revamp it somemore but regardless I love it! Check out the images below from the Fishkill market this past Sunday and make sure to check out the schedule in the link up above!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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