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Martial Arts Expo 11 and Awards Ceremony

I spent last weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey shooting a great event. MY friend since kindergarten, Sifu Cliff Kupper, has been organizing the Martial Arts Expo and Awards Ceremony for many years. So when he reached out to me about coming and joining his event as a vendor I was intrigued. It was not the type of photography I was accustomed to doing. I had nearly everything necessary to do it. I did some quick research on event photography with on site printing and decided to step outside of my comfort zone and do it. Besides I have never been to Atlantic City before!

April Fredricks was a great model!

So after 10 days of researching, prepping and packing the car Victoria and I were off to AC. It was a real treat to get to stay at Ceasar's Casino Hotel, has some fabulous deals!, and we splurged a little on some room service fun. The next morning it was all business. After some difficulty finding the loading area we got all setup and had a great day. There were some hiccups along the way but nothing my best helper and I couldn't handle.

All in all it was a fun and good learning experience. There was

Me and Grandmaster Chi Ling Chiu having a laugh